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Ecommerce Web Design

We offer ecommerce web design and again favour WordPress for designing and building your online shop. WordPress, and the many plug-ins that are available to extend it, make it relatively easy to design and build a secure ecommerce website. This means you can sell your goods online without the setup cost being prohibitively expensive.

Ecommerce Web Design

Ecommerce web design for a cake shop.

Ecommerce websites can be fully customised to your individual design and display your products with options such as price variations, product options, sale prices and discount codes.

The administration system includes sales reports, order status, stock reports and detailed statistics. Shipping and tax functionality are easily set up and managed.

WordPress ecommerce systems include:

  • Cart and checkout pages
  • Stock management
  • Reporting
  • Tax and shipping options
  • Secure ordering
  • Integration with all the major payment gateways
  • Product ratings and customer reviews

Accept credit card payments via your website

Ecommerce WordPress web design

An ecommerce website designed and built with WordPress

Your ecommerce website can be set up to accept online payments which go directly into your bank account. For this you need an online merchant account number from your bank.

You can also accept payments using a third-party payment gateway, such as PayPal. By using a third party in this way, there is no need for you to have an online merchant account number. Payments go into your PayPal account and can then be withdrawn to your bank account.

If you open an account with PayPal, customers can pay you via your website, using any of the credit or debit cards that PayPal accept – it’s not necessary for your customers to also have a PayPal account.

If you only have a few items that you want to sell online, PayPal’s shopping cart can be integrated into any basic website. Their options for taking payments online let any small business easily and inexpensively set up online payments from their website.

Further information on ecommerce website design

If you would like to discuss the options available for ecommerce web design, please use our contact form or give us a call.