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Catalogue Design

If you produce a mail-order catalogue, sales brochure, or gift brochure then choosing the right graphic designer plays a crucial part in making your catalogue a successful marketing tool for your business.

Catalogues have to capture the reader’s attention. They not only have to look good, they have to be effective in producing sales.

Mail order catalogue design essentials

  • An intriguing cover that invites customers to look further
  • Professionally written copy
  • Good, clear page layout
  • Making the most of ‘hot’ page areas
  • Having an easy-to-use order form
  • accessible contact information…

We work to combine all these elements with a creative catalogue design to encourage readers to buy your products.

Catalogue design

Do you need a catalogue design?

If you would like to discuss these concepts in more detail please get in touch.

Design for mail order catalogue